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Waiting for the rain

Weather forecast announced heavy rains for today afternoon. I am still waiting for them wishing to take a breath of fresh air after 32degrees heat. But nothing happens..desired things so seldomly happen in the very moment you want them the most to happen. And I guess it is reasonable that way, otherwise one could literally die from happiness, if it’s possible. Instead of that you get to know, that desires do fade away and being obsessed with something only hurts later on…
I think I hear the first raindrops on my window, time to turn happy and enjoy!


Munich insider

 Slackline Worldcup in Königsplatz today

                  Munich every day

here we go


ok, so i’m trying out the WordPress page. I was actually inspired by Mike Shinoda from the Linkin Park, when i found out, how many internet pages and blogs he manages simultaneously, and that added up to my growing wish of posting some of the ideas and thoughts exploding my head every day (and mote often every night). So here I am, let’s see, if this will last long 🙂